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Frustrated Realtor Seeks Our Help

A realtor was having a hard time selling a house on the market in Fountain Hills, Arizona because of problems with the travertine floor. The 18x18 inch travertine had been unevenly laid (this is called lippage), causing the floor to be not only unsightly, but also a trip hazard. A local flooring store in Scottsdale referred the realtor to Bella Stone Care.

Grout Replacement

When we arrived on the job site, we found there was another problem that needed to be addressed before we could deal with the lippage. The installer had used the wrong kind of grout. We removed the sanded grout and regrouted the floor with non-sanded grout.

Our Lippage Removal and Restoration Process

The lippage was so severe that by the time we ground the floor flat and resolved the lippage problem, there was a brand new problem to address: much of the stock filler had come out of the stone, exposing the naturally-occurring holes. We used a latex product tinted to blend with the travertine and refilled the hole over the entire floor (this process is called floating). After the filler was completely dry, we gave the floor a high-honed, satin finish.

The realtor was very pleased with the outcome and the house sold soon thereafter.

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Bella Stone Care can repair, maintain, and protect your travertine, and resolve virtually any travertine problem. For a FREE estimate on travertine floor restoration services in Fountain Hills and throughout the Phoenix / Scottsdale area, contact us online or call (480) 375-5718.