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Cracked Tiles

Frustrated homeowners in Gilbert, Arizona called us about a large crack in their travertine floor. On two separate occasions, installation contractors replaced the cracked tiles. The most recent contractor even treated the area with epoxies and a fracture membrane. Still the crack came back. With no more remaining replacement tiles, they decided to contact the stone restoration experts at Bella Stone Care.

Our Travertine Crack Repair Process

First, we used a hand-held grinder to grind down the high sides of the crack, making the crack edges level with each other. Then, we color-matched epoxy with the tile, used it to fill in the crack, and allowed it to dry thoroughly. To blend the repair site with the surrounding tile, we attached honing diamond pads to the hand tool and honed along the filled crack. Finally, we used our floor machine to hone and refinish the entire floor to a high satin finish.

As you can see in the AFTER images, the repaired area is barely noticeable. The homeowners were so relieved that they would not need to replace the entire floor.

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Bella Stone Care can repair, maintain, and protect your travertine, and resolve virtually any travertine problem. For a FREE estimate on travertine floor restoration services in Gilbert and throughout the Phoenix / Scottsdale area, contact us online or call (480) 375-5718.