Refinished Granite Modernizes Kitchen

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Granite Was Looking Dated

A homeowner in Scottsdale wanted to modernize her kitchen without having to replace her granite countertops. She called us for a FREE consultation and estimate. We suggested to her that we change the finish to give it a softer appearance, and after seeing some samples of our work, she agreed.

Our Solution

First, we honed all the countertops, backsplashes, and edges to remove the gloss and reflection from the finish. Then, we used honing powders and brushes to achieve a beautiful, soft brush finish. We also applied a light color enhancing sealer, tinted with gray pigment to give it more depth. Our processes pulled the grays out of her Verde Butterfly granite countertop and gave her kitchen a completely different look.

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Bella Stone Care can refinish your granite countertops. We can also repair, maintain, and protect granite, and resolve virtually any granite problem. For granite countertop or granite floor polishing services in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area, contact us online or call (480) 375-5718.