Phoenix Terrazzo Repair and Polish

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Retail furniture business owners purchased property for their showroom in the Biltmore district in Phoenix, AZ, an area known for its upscale shopping and dining. Having an elegant floor to serve as an appropriate backdrop for their product displays was incredibly important to them. Unfortunately, portions of this terrazzo floor had been covered with carpeting for about 50 years, and the exposed sections of the floor had layer upon layer of yellowed wax buildup, ground in dirt, grease, and metal inlays that had come loose.

Our Solution

First, we masked and protected the work area. Then, we removed carpet tacks, anchor bolts, and awning brackets that had been cemented into the terrazzo for various purposes over the years, leaving behind over 100 holes that needed to be repaired throughout a 7,000 square foot area. Before we set to work repairing these holes, we ground the terrazzo to remove the coatings and contaminants, as well as scratches and other damage on the surfaces where the carpet had been.

With a clean slate to work with for the rest of our repair and restoration processes, we attended to all those holes. Using a tinted epoxy filler and aggregates (tiny pieces of marble) that matched the existing terrazzo, we patched the holes. Once we were sure the patches were completely dry, we first used a hand tool to grind the patches down flush with surrounding area, and then we switched to our weighted floor machine to finish leveling the repaired areas with the existing floor.

To give the floor a natural shine, we used the same honing and polishing processes we use for traditional marble refinishing. We used a series of progressively finer grit diamond encrusted resin pads mounted on our floor machine to achieve the glass-like shine you see in the AFTER images. We also replaced the adhesive where the metal inlays had come loose.

The business owners were not only thrilled with the outcome, but they were relieved to learn that with the natural polish we gave their terrazzo there would be no need to strip and reapply waxes or coatings.

To learn more, visit our Terrazzo Services page or watch this short video, Restoration of Natural Stone and Terrazzo.

For terrazzo floor repair, honing, polishing, or other terrazzo services in the Biltmore district and throughout the Phoenix / Scottsdale area, contact us online or call (480) 375-5718. At Bella Stone Care, we provide free estimates and look forward to hearing from you.