Installers Needed Our Help

  • Mask and Protect Work Area
  • Marble and Travertine Lippage Removal
  • Marble and Travertine Restoration
  • Marble and Travertine Improper Installation
  • Marble and Travertine Repair
  • Marble and Travertine Refinish
  • Marble and Travertine Restored
  • Marble and Travertine Honed
  • Marble and Travertine Polished
  • Marble and Travertine Restoring
  • Marble and Travertine Like New

Problematic Installation

A general contractor in Paradise Valley, Arizona was installing flooring in a residential property, but their installers were having a hard time getting the half inch white marble tile inlay to be level with the twenty-four inch travertine tiles. They called the stone repair and restoration experts at Bella Stone Care to help them finish this job with excellence.

Our Processes

First, we ground and honed the floor with metal diamond pads to remove the lippage (unevenness of the tiles) and then honed the floor smooth and level. The original, specified design of the floor was a soft matte finish on the travertine floor and a highly polished finish on the white marble inlays. To achieve this, we had to mask and protect the travertine and use hand polishers on the marble.

The builders were grateful for our services and were very satisfied with the results.

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