Bella Stone Care (Ace) did a perfect job on my granite counter top. My wife had spilled vinegar (an acid) on the counter shortly after we had it installed. The vinegar ate away at the top layer and allowed calcium to build up from hard water. I called several vendors. Most of those vendors told me that it is next to impossible to fix unless you are exceptionally skilled. I did a Google search and found Bella Stone Care. He came out 1 business day later for a quote. He was able to fix our counter right there and then. It took 2 hours and the price was reasonable, especially when I was being told that I may have to "send" my slab into a factory to be re-polished by other companies. He re-sealed the whole slab and it looks like new. Now I know where to go if I need any granite or tile work done in the future.

Steve C., Phoenix, AZ Homeowner

Awesome results, at a very fair price. My marble floor looks brand new. These people absolutely, know what their doing. I shopped around for two weeks. Then I found Bella Stone Care. No doubt I chose the right people.

Donny H., Paradise Valley, AZ Homeowner

My wife wanted to move because of the dull, travertine floors. I called Bella Stone Care and they told me they could make the floors shine. They told me the work would take three days since the whole house was travertine. They completed the work in two days and my wife is delighted. May not have to move now!

Stephen S., Mesa, AZ Homeowner

I cannot say enough good things about Bella Stone Care. I have a luxury home in the D.C. Ranch area with very expensive  2'x2' Italian marble floor tiles. I had hired a contractor in March to clean, hone and polish the floors. The contractor totally botched the job. He failed to prep the work and use the proper equipment and materials to do the job. To make matters worse, he caused thousands of dollars of collateral damage to my walls, cabinetry, garage, laundry room sink, etc. I was devastated.
One of his major mistakes was applying the wrong sealer. My magnificent floors were ruined. Each time I walked in my house my feet stuck to the tiles. The floors had visible streaks and scratches from the faulty workmanship. The walls had spray because he did nothing to protect them. I have expensive African mahogany cabinetry and it was covered in spray too. This nightmare has a happy ending, however.
Luckily, my female partner found Bella Stone to come to the rescue. Ace Siler came to the house and gave us an estimate to do the work. I cannot recommend Bella Stone highly enough. His crew of professionals did a fantastic job undoing the damage caused by the prior contractor. Ace thoroughly explained each phase of the job and educated me on what to expect. Moreover, Bella Stone treated my home with kid gloves. I was so impressed by the prep work they did. All of the furniture, walls and cabinetry were protected. They carefully moved the furniture.
The job took 3 full days to complete. The results look fantastic. The floors have a mirror shine to them. They look absolutely gorgeous. Every part of the work was performed professionally. I can't wait to use Bella Stone to do my outside patio. Additionally, Ace has promised to help me as an expert witness in my suit against the prior contractor! Ace is highly knowledgeable about different types of stone, their characteristics and how to clean and polish them. He is humble and personable.
Please, please, please as a warning to future customers, be sure to use an experienced team like Bella Stone for your flooring needs! Don't do what I did and hire an inexperienced worker or company. You are only asking for trouble. Bella Stone has a long list of happy customers. Bella Stone is professional in every phase of the job. Bella Stone's prices are extremely competitive. To top things off, Ace even showed me how to care for my floors in the future and he gave me a microfiber mop.
I give Bella Stone an A+ all of the way. Please feel free to call me if you would like a reference. I am so happy that my floors look absolutely beautiful again. Here is a special thanks to Manley and Marcus for their hard work too. Great job guys!

Bob T.

Bob T., Scottsdale, AZ Homeowner