—Repairing, honing and polishing terrazzo is something we not only do, be we excel at. Our highly qualified professional technicians can resolve virtually any problem you encounter. Properly sealed and maintained terrazzo retains its beautiful shine and color, with minimal effort on your part. By "minimal effort" we mean no more stripping and waxing.

You see, there is a right way and wrong way to service terrazzo, but most home and business owners don't have the information they need to make an informed decision.

The wrong way

The most time and labor-intensive way to maintain terrazzo is to clean it and then coat it with something to make it shiny. By appearance alone, the floor looks incredible. But with time and use, coatings become yellow, flake off, and trap dirt and contaminants. The floor has to be completely stripped, cleaned, and coated again and again.

The right way

For a natural sheen that is cost-effective and easy to maintain, our natural cleaning and restoration methods are best. We hone the terrazzo to reveal the brand new surface hidden underneath the scratches, stains, and other damage. Then we give the terrazzo the finish you want, from a smooth satin/matte finish to a highly polished, glossy shine, and seal it to inhibit staining and moisture damage.

Maintenance is as easy as a quick sweep and damp mop. That's it. No more stripping and waxing.

Even the most unsightly terrazzo can be restored

Sometimes terrazzo that has been improperly maintained for years will have layer upon layer of wax build-up. And terrazzo that has been buried for who-knows-how-many-years under carpet, linoleum, or tile may not look like it can be restored. But we repair holes left by carpet tacks, fill in cracks, and work other minor miracles to make the floor look brand new again.

For terrazzo floor polishing, terrazzo cleaning and sealing, or any other type of terrazzo service in the Phoenix or Scottsdale areas, contact us online or call (480) 375-5718.